The Global Social Business Summit 2014

On November 27-28, 2014, Mexico City welcomed for the first time in Latin America, the Global Social Business Summit. Outstanding speakers, experienced or novice social business entrepreneurs present their initiatives and debate with participants the most pressing challenges faced by the social business community. 

The Global Social Business Summit 2014

More than 800 participants with very diverse backgrounds and coming from all over the world gathered to collaborate and actively contribute to the social business movement. Following this year´s leading theme “Shaping Social Business to Shape the World of 2020”, discussions were notably articulated around the impacts of the current unsustainable economic and financial system as well as the associated generational and structural shifts.


We were graced by the presence of so many magnificent speakers such as: Prof. Muhammad Yunus – Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Hans Reitz – CEO The Grameen Creative Lab, Lamiya Morshed – Managing Director Yunus Centre, Jaime Reyes – Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, State of Jalisco, Francisco “Paco” Camacho – Executive VP, Danone Waters, Professor Andreas Heinecke – Founder and CEO, Dialogue Social Enterprise, Cheryl Yeoh – CEO Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Center,  Saskia Bruysten – Co-founder and CEO, Yunus Social Business, Nathalie von Siemens – Managing Director, Siemens Stiftung, Fernando A. Gonzalez – CEO, CEMEX, Christian Vanizette – Founder MakeSense.




  • Announcement of a partnership between the Grameen Creative Lab and CEMEX to foster a social business model in housing with focus on family businesses
  • Announcement of a partnership between the Yunus Social Business and SoSense, a crowdfunding company
  • Announcement of the creation in Mexico of a fund dedicated to the promotion of Social Business; already one million dollars has been collected to finance two projects
  • Announcement that Mexico City will become a Social Business City
  • Announcement of the creation of a 5 million dollars fund, financed by USaid to support the Yunus Social Business´ project in Haiti, Albania and Uganda
  • Announcement of a collaboration between the Yunus Center and the Japan Automechanic Ltd. starting in January 2015
  • Announcement of a partnership between the Latribe University, Australia and the Yunus Center
  • Announcement of Berlin to host the Global Social Business Summit 2015
  • Announcement of a new social business initiative in Chittagong, Bangladesh in partnership with CSBC (Chittagong Social Business Centre Ltd)