The Global Social Business Summit 2010

In 2010 the Autostadt Wolfsburg, Germany was host to the Global Social Business Summit 2010, where around 340 participants from 44 countries gathered to network and exchange expertise with the global social business community. For the first time the Young Challengers Meeting took place where students and young professionals came to gather to discuss social business and questions to challenge decision makers during the summit. 

The first ever Global Social Business Summit took place on the fourth and fifth of November and, while building on the GGM’s success, took the format to a new level. 

The Global Social Business Summit 2010


We were graced by the presence of so many magnificent speakers such as: Prof. Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate), Hans Reitz (CEO The Grameen Creative Lab), Her Royal Highness Maria Teresa, the Grand-Duchess of Luxembourg, Paulo Coelho (Author), Emmanuel Faber (CEO Danone), Hugh Jackman (Actor and Activist), Ron Garan (Astronaut), Dr. Jürgen Hambrecht (CEO BASF SE), Herbert Hainer (CEO Adidas Group), Shekhar Kapur (Film Director). 



Impacts of the summit included the signing of an MoU with the National University of Singapore and a public speech with Prof. Yunus and acclaimed author of several bestsellers such as The Alchemist, and a believer of the Social Business movement, Paulo Coelho.
This GSBS has launched The Young Challengers Program which continued its legacy until the latest summit and continue to do so by educating young entrepreneurs and change makers around the world.