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The Global Social Business Summit is Back!

Traveling across the globe from Germany, Austria, Malaysia, Mexico, and France, The Global Social Business Summit 2022 will take over the city of Turin, Italy on the 7th and 8th of November.

Every year, experts, practitioners, stakeholders, and friends of the social business community gather from around the world to foster discussions and conversations about the most pressing issues of recent times and bring about a positive change in our world. 
The Global Social Business Summit 2022 is organized by The Grameen Creative Lab and the Yunus Centre with the support of  TMPGroup, as the logistic partner. It is a friendly gathering, the biggest in its form of all social business practitioners, promoters, and friends from the corporate, academia, institutional and entrepreneurial world. Its principal purpose is to bring all of us together to engage in dialogue, share ideas, and be more motivated by inspiring one another.

“Global warming, wealth concentration, the pandemic, Ukrainian war, price rise, and food shortage- all created a massive combined onslaught to the world. This heightened crisis needs very special collaborative efforts to alleviate poverty, decrease inequities, and build a  healthier world for everyone. 
And we will make it only if we act together; and creativity, massive entrepreneurship from all, and social business initiatives can bring end to all those problems.
We need a far more ambitious commitment to create a World of Three Zeros (zero net carbon emissions, zero wealth concentration to alleviate poverty, and zero unemployment by unleashing entrepreneurship in all). The Time is NOW!” 

Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Co-Founder of the GSBS

The GSBS 2022

The Global Social Business Summit is the annual international event of the social business community. A friendly gathering, the biggest in its form of all social business practitioners, promoters, and friends from the corporate, academia, institutional and entrepreneurial world.

The Global Social Business Summit 2022 is happening at a delicate moment in human history.

It will embrace the concept of a culture of peace and inclusive growth that has emerged as a fundamental topic motivating talks on recovery and growth, and that social business itself contributes to disseminating thanks to its unselfish nature and responsible leadership.

But mostly it will help us unite stakeholders for regenerative and peaceful development, addressing inequities in society, ensure inclusive financing, creating systems that work collaboratively for the good of society, and supporting the transition towards sustainable development.


The theme of the Summit

To implement this culture of peace – and as the GSBS will display – we need a cross-sectorial, holistic and systematic approach that only social businesses can embody, and digitalization and tech4good are tools that can allow them to reach their full potentials in a purpose-driven system. 

Discussions and activities will thus center around solutions promoting technology for good (Tech4Good), alleviating poverty, creating employment opportunities, and protecting the climate. The annual gathering of the social business community  will also promote economic inclusion by providing inclusive, equitable access to economic opportunity,  which is imperative to sustainable global development.  

Main Themes of GSBS 2022

Our host: Turin

Once the former capital of the Italian Monarchy, then the national manufacturing powerhouse, Turin could easily be a post-industrial city squeezed between the elegance, culture, and pragmatism of the past, working its way to adapt to the needs of a fast-changing, digitalized, multicultural society, that in the past decades has seen thousands of workers losing their jobs when the local factories moved abroad, leaving more than six million square meters of dismissed industrial areas.

Olympic city in 2006, in the past 25 years has greatly invested in an urban generation, mobility, and green transformation, qualifying as one of the finalists for the European Green Capital 2022.

In this context, we will be hosted at Centrale Lavazza, ex electricity factory, a powerful example of how to look to the future while building up from the memory of our roots, where local connections can be turned into a global vision.

Social Business Academia Forum

Yunus Centre and Grameen Creative Lab together with the University of Turin are excited to host this year’s  Social Business Academia Forum(SBAF) in Turin, Italy on November 7,2022.This event will be our first in person gathering of academicians, researchers, students-involved and interested in social business and entrepreneurship since the pandemic hit us in late 2019.This year we will mainly focus on panel sessions and discussion groups.(There will not be any paper presentation sessions)Topics may include social business and the role of academia academia,social business research and publishing,responsibilities of academia in shaping a world of 3 Zeros or other relevant ones .So join us in Turin on November 7,2022 for the Social Business Academia Forum and meet your fellow social business enthusiasts and change makers. The Forum will be a part of 2 days of sessions making up the Global Social Business Summit happening concurrently in Turin during the time.

 Date:7 November,2022
Time: 4PM (Central European Standerd Time) onwards
Venue: TBC
Registration Fee: Free
Please register only if you will be attending the event in Turin,Italy in person (Live).For online viewers,streaming links will be posted on the event page

Agenda & Speakers

This edition of Summit represents an important step for the Social Business community we have fostered over the past years, as it will be focusing on one goal to achieve: Peace!
It will also explore the multifaceted concerns confronting the global society, as well as the role of Social Business and youth to bring solutions that are not only equitable and sustainable, but also inclusive on social, environmental, and economic aspects. 


Want to be a volunteer?

Avail The Press Kit Here

6 November

 Turin welcomes the GSBS with the Artissima Festival; online programs begin 

7 November

Opening Ceremony in Turin; Plenaries and Young Challengers Pitch 

8 November

Plenaries and Workshops – Closing Ceremony in Turin 

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