Ina Ballik

Senior Project Manager ValuCred

Ina is a Senior Project Manager for the ValuCred Project with Yunus Environment Hub. She is passionate about connecting social business with pressing environmental challenges to define and implement holistic solutions that can create a sustainable future for generations to come.

Ina is based in London, UK where she manages her own sustainability company as a Sustainability Strategist. Before commencing her work with YEH she led the initial testing of a new standard with pilot projects in Indonesia that aim to stop plastic pollution.

Ina Ballik

 Over the past 15 years she has established a wealth of experience in the Carbon Credit and International Standards Certification market, having worked on over hundreds of GHG mitigation projects and international standards’ certifications in over forty countries on five continents. Her current and past positions as Managing Director, Senior Project Manager, Lead Verifier and EHS Management Systems Auditor give her a well-rounded profile as climate change and environmental professional.

Born and raised in Germany, she soon after finishing high school followed her calling to emerge herself into and explore multicultural environments. Since then, she lived, studied, and worked in Mexico, Brazil, and the United Kingdom, and is fluent in German, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Ina completed her master thesis in collaboration German Corporation for International Cooperation GmbH (GIZ) and the Ministry of Environment of the Federal State of Mexico (SMAGEM) and now holds a MScEng in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Aachen.

Ina is a naturally curious person and lifelong learner, always on the lookout for new challenges that stretch her, both physically and intellectually. Striving for harmonious balance between her love for the outdoors, where she best enjoys nature during her regular runs and long hikes, she also loves emerging herself into and be inspired by the arts, philosophy, and thought-provoking books. 

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