Dr. Catalina Molano

Funds & Accounting Manager

At Yunus Environment Hub, Catalina is responsible for fundraisingfund administration and accounting. 

In addition to her scientific background (Dr. rer. nat./PhD in Chemistry) and her extensive experience in sustainable smart nanomaterials, Catalina has excellent skills in time management, project planning and organization, as well as certified knowledge in sustainability and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)In her scientific career, she has actively participated in several international and national applied research projects, including Proplanta” (between Germany and Brazil, financed by FAPESP and BMBF), in which an interdisciplinary and multicultural team developed a sustainable approach to replace copper-based pesticides to prevent widespread of citrus canker in orange plants.

Besides, Catalina is passionate about social projects with high impact and convinced that global sustainable development and long-term solutions against the environmental crisis are essential in order to create a fair future for everyone. Due to her active participation in numerous volunteer activities (Germany-Colombia) with different social groups, she has expertise in fund acquisition as well as creation and coordination of social projects for development aimed at integration, exchange and inclusion, in academic, social and cultural fields. Since April 2020, she has been working in the field of social business entrepreneurship. 

Catalina loves yoga, dancinggymnastics, and traveling, as well as spending time with her family – especially with her little daughter. 

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