“I am proposing to create another kind of business, based on selflessness that is in all of us. I am calling it Social Business”

Professor Muhammad Yunus

Our Latest GSBS

Global Social Business Summit 2022

Last year, the Global Social Business Summit has taken place on the 6th to 8th of November and consisted of the Social Business Academia Forum, Young Challengers Program, 3 Zero Club convention, and the countless sessions. For 2022, the discussions centered around technology for good (Tech4Good), alleviating poverty, creating employment opportunities, and protecting the climate.

In a hybrid event and live from Turin, we brought you with us from your living room to the magic of Italy all while celebrating social business and impact from all over the world. The summit arranged expert panel discussions, inspirational speeches, knowledge exchange with practitioners, creative and feel-good sessions, and skill development workshops from sectoral leaders.

Past Summits